Trustworthy Roof, Gutter and Siding installation and Maintenance Services Yonkers

Trustworthy Roof, Gutter and Siding installation and Maintenance Services Yonkers

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High-quality property improvement services in Yonkers, New York!

Regular property improvement services from reputable contractors are crucial for maintaining and enhancing your property’s value, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. It ensures a safe, comfortable, and visually appealing living or working environment at your residential or commercial property.

The American Star Contractor Corp’s team excels in providing unparalleled property improvement solutions, surpassing expectations with their exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to delivering outstanding results. Our services include siding, roofing, gutter, chimney, skylight installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement. We also provide high-quality interior and exterior painting services.

  • Roofing Repairs Services Yonkers

    Roofing Services:

    Maintaining the roofing system in top working condition ensures its protection from leaks, structural integrity, energy efficiency, and property longevity. Sometimes, extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, strong winds, moisture, and snow deposition can cause damage to this property element and affect its functioning.

    If you observe any signs of damage on your roof, it's best to get it fixed by professionals. Our professional roofers can deal with all roofing problems and specialize in offering comprehensive roofing services, including installation, repair, maintenance, and renovation.

  • Chimney Installation Services Yonkers

    Chimney Services:

    Chimneys must function properly to maintain the effective operation of fireplaces and stoves for safe ventilation. Any damage to the chimney can affect its functioning and cause poor air quality inside a residential or commercial space. It's best to get it repaired or replaced by experts on time, depending on the need.

    At American Star Contractor Corp, we provide various chimney services such as installation, maintenance, repair, inspection, cleaning, and renovation. Contact us for all your chimney service needs!

  • Skylight Replacements Services Yonkers

    Skylight Services:

    Skylights must perform adequately to provide natural light, ventilation, and an appealing ambiance in a building. Moreover, if they are in top-working condition, they can improve the aesthetics and ambiance of indoor spaces. However, leaks, cracks, faulty seals, and damaged frames can affect the functioning of a skylight and lead to serious concerns.

    If you observe any signs of damage to your skylights, look no further than us at American Star Contractor Corp. We are committed to providing comprehensive skylight services to clients across Yonkers for several years, including installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement.

  • Gutter Maintenance Service Yonkers

    Gutter Services:

    Proper gutter system functioning is vital for effectively redirecting rainwater, preventing water damage, and preserving the integrity of the building's foundation and structure. But these systems can show signs of damage due to strong winds, heavy rainfall, or other severe weather conditions.

    If you observe gutter-related issues, it's best to seek our professional gutter services. As a renowned gutter service provider across Yonkers, we excel in delivering superior gutter cleaning, repair, and replacement services.

  • Siding Installation Services Yonker

    Siding services:

    Siding must perform properly to safeguard the building structure, improve energy efficiency, and maintain an attractive exterior appearance. But due to severe weather conditions and other factors, the siding gets damaged.

    It's best to seek siding services whenever the need arises. With an extensive selection of premium siding services, our company provides a complete range of top-notch solutions, including installation, upkeep, and replacement. Our team ensures excellence in every aspect of your siding needs.

  • Painting Services Yonkers

    Painting Services:

    Painting services for a property's interiors and exteriors are crucial for enhancing aesthetics, protecting surfaces, and creating a welcoming atmosphere that reflects your style and taste.

    Contact us today if you need painting services for bedrooms, kitchens, garages or bathrooms, doors, and trims. We have been providing professional painting services to clients for many years. We have many happy clients across Yonkers.

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