Roofing, Siding, Chimney and Painting Services Harrison

Roofing, Siding, Chimney and Painting Services Harrison

Interior Painting Harrison

Your One-Stop Shop For All Of Your Building Repairs And Renovation Needs In Harrison.

Are you searching for a trusted contractor to handle your home improvement project in Harrison? We take pride in offering comprehensive services to repair, restore, and enhance the curb of residential and commercial properties, including roofing, gutters, siding, skylights, chimneys, and painting.


We understand the importance of a well-maintained property. Our highly skilled and licensed team ensures to deliver clients with exceptional results at affordable prices. From expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner to help you meet every specific property enhancement project’s requirement.


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  • Roofing Repairs Services Harrison

    Roofing Services:

    Whether you need to fix your roofing issue or replace the entire roof in Harrison, our specialists have expertise in handling all jobs of roof repairs, maintenance, replacement, or installation of new roofs perfectly.

    We understand the significance of having a robust, durable roof that protects your home from external elements. Our trained team has expertise in using premium roofing materials with innovative technology for all repairs or installation jobs to ensure the best functionality, appearance, and longevity of the roof.

  • Chimney Installation Services Harrison

    Chimney Services:

    An unkempt chimney in a building can harm the health of your family or workers; thus, it needs regular attention and care. We at American Star Contractor Corp work dedicatedly to maintain the efficiency and durability of your chimney. Our comprehensive chimney services cover sweeping, cleaning, installation, maintenance, and repairs.

    Our experienced contractors will thoroughly inspect and clean your chimney, eliminating blockage to ensure optimum airflow and ventilation. If replacement or repairs are required, we will take care of everything quickly and effectively to allow you to use your chimney system efficiently for longer.

  • Skylight Replacements Services Harrison

    Skylight Services:

    Ensure that a skylight system in your house is working efficiently to bring natural light into your space with a regular high-quality skylight service. We offer a comprehensive range of repairs, maintenance, replacements, and installation service at reasonable prices in order to keep your skylights at their best.

    We have highly skilled and experienced specialists to handle simple to complex issues and provide timely and effective solutions to restore the working and aesthetic of your skylights at home.

  • Gutter Maintenance Service Harrison

    Gutter Services:

    Keeping your gutters clean and well-maintained is crucial to withstand harsh weather. Our skilled team offers professional gutter cleaning, repairs, and maintenance service to prevent potential water damage to your property and also protect its foundation.

    We have expertise in effectively removing debris, and twigs, unclogging downspouts, and replacing the required sections to ensure the proper functionality of your gutters.

  • Siding Installation Services Harrison

    Siding services:

    Siding is crucial in protecting your building and enhancing its aesthetics. We are here to assist with any siding-related concerns, including repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation. Our experienced contractors provide top-notch service to enhance your property’s curb appeal and even strengthen the structure of your building.

  • Painting Services Harrison

    Painting Services:

    Make a great impression on your neighbors and guests by having a beautifully painted home. Our professional painting service helps you completely revamp your property's look. We are committed to making your vision to life on any interior or exterior project, including garages, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, doors, etc.

    At American Star Contractor Corp, we have a team of brilliant painters who provide impeccable results using high-quality, toxin-free paints. Our attention to detail delivers the finest results that will exceed your expectations.

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